Thursday, November 13, 2014

No More Players

The same people are looking for the same things with me, but I am not looking for the same that them. Don't care to them what I am feeling, thinking or desiring. Just I am sit on the way, watching how one by one appears suddenly to spit out the same words in different times with different faces.

But since now, no one will involve me again in the same role. If sometime I fallen in their play was because the loneliness is not the best offering an advice, especially when you have a romantic heart beating inside you, looking for the star that get give light to your life.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Who am I?

You And Me
I am just a blow of heat, a love flash, a traveling cloud, I am nothing in your life.

I am just your passion dose, your shelter, your escape, I am who knows you are weak and you feel fear to live.

I am just your box of secrets, from time to time some kiss and from time to time I can have you.

When you are with me, you are like you are, not as the people think, sleep my love your dream.

I am just your champagne, a way for forget, a mix between lover and nurse.

Why not love you more when you are with me? I don't love the man who everyone imagine, I love the man that is here.

I am just a blow of heat, a love flash, a traveling cloud, I am nothing in your life.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Your Free Time For Me

When you can, give me your free time if is possible, in change, I will give you my whole life that I offer to you.

Put attention preferably to all the people that ask you love, but give me your free time.

I don't care if  you have two minutes or if you have only one minute, I will be happy if we live together, dedicate the best of all to me.

When I will ask you and I call you again, I will say you one more time, give me your free time if is possible.

Friday, May 2, 2014

In Some Place Of My Soul

In some place of my soul where there is the pain because your farewell. In some place of my soul it is bored the poem created for our love. In some place of my soul I miss your presence because the time robbed your image to me; your face, your hair, when my hand caressed you in our nights.

In some place of my soul hurts me when you told me "I love you" in our moments of passion, "we will be happy", "I never let you go", "you will be my love always".

In some place of my soul I keep safe the failure that the time gave to me, I am condemning it in silence to look for a consolation for my heart.

I can't believe all these after the way how I  loved you, and how I am alone right now. What is the reason of the life if a little happiness brings then a big pain? I can't believe that tonight I wont hear your voice again.

In some place of my soul I will keep safe your memories with the most beautiful things, without the time can get out it of my soul, them will be there until I can go so far.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I Am Living Alone

My life was just a Spring
but you change it in Summer
you cut the flowers of my life
and you sowed rocks in my way

I am living alone
sad and without love
very alone
so sad

Why the life beat me hard?
If my only fault is be so kind
Why I had always bad fortune?
If in the love's world, I am the first one